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Remember who the real enemy is.

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Gamora. Last surviving member of her species. Ronan destroyed her home and took her hostage. 

My dad is a successful television producer, director and writer and my mom’s a director, and writer. Even when I was young I wanted to be an actress. I knew the actors and the paparazzi. It was just kind of always in my landscape. It was never directed at me, but it was always somewhere so I could see how it operated and I could see it from afar and go ‘Wow, that’s not really glamorous, it’s kind of exhausting not having any privacy.’

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Katherine Pierce through the seasons: Season 5. - “What would I know about post-traumatic stress? I only had my newborn ripped from my arms by my judgmental father. Then, I had to run 500 years after my entire family had been slaughtered by a psychopath, but hey! That didn’t have any lingering side-effects.

Lucy Hale | Matthias Vriens-McGrath Photoshoot 2014 for ‘Cosmopolitan’

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → 10 films
↳  4/10 Mulan

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